Bellwood Elementary is giving students the Jedi experience

Star Wars themed putt putt course

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Ahead of Star Wars Day on May 4, Bellwood Elementary is giving students the Jedi experience with a Star Wars-themed mini golf course.

Inside of their gym, in galaxies far, far away lies Jedi and lightsabers-themed golf clubs.

The students have to battle a course that only the chosen one could master.

“I try to keep it to something that they like but something the teachers can also do as well,” physical education instructor, Mike Dunn, said.

No year is the same with Dunn as he tries to give students a different memorable experience each year.

“I wanted to do something different and Star Wars was something that just popped in my head,” said Dunn. “As soon as they come in the room, I all I hear is “what" and all those things, and that’s just really rewarding in itself.”

“I was shocked and surprised,” said first grader, Ja’meirah Lewis.

“I mean I knew we were going to walk to school and dress up, but I really didn’t know about this,” said first grader, Brayden Gallant.

Blown away in excitement, these kids are using “the force” like Jedi Master Yoda.

“I like how he is green and stuff,” said Gallant.

“It’s like Avenger heroes, but they’re just like Star Wars characters,” said Lewis.

As students like Brayden and Ja’meirah enjoy the mini golf course, Dunn hopes this experience is something they’ll never forget.

“If I can say that I was able to give them this opportunity, that’s enough for me,” said Dunn.

“He’s the best gym teacher ever,” said Lewis.

The course is set to run until May 7 to give Star Wars Day a full week-long celebration.

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