Sonic boom rattles Virginia Beach area

Mystery boom rattles Virginia Beach area

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WWBT) - The National Weather Service says a boom heard in southeast Virginia on Monday night was most likely a sonic boom that was made even louder by the weather conditions at the time.

Residents say they heard the boom around 6:30 p.m. Monday that also caused houses to shake.

“We heard and felt this boom, it was kind of like head to toe, we felt a little bit underneath our feet,” Mandy Berkowitz told WVEC.

A Navy spokesperson says an F-18 Super Hornet was operating in the area at the time, but could not confirm whether or not that was the cause of the noise.

NAS Oceana and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress are in the area where many of the reports of the boom were reported.

“It just felt like a pressure down on the house. It almost felt like something fell on the house,” Christy James told WVEC.

Residents in Norfolk and Chesapeake also reported hearing the boom.

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