Shopping for groceries online can pay off

Save money when grocery shopping online

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT/WXIX) - When it comes to the staples, things like milk, meat and frozen foods, it’s hard to beat a grocery store.

Many stores sell those items we buy all the time at low prices to get us in the door. Using a loyalty card and searching for digital coupons will save you even more.

When it comes to non-perishables like snack foods, cereals and more, though, shopping around, including online, can really pay off.

If your kids love snack bars, see what you could save by buying them online in bulk.

One example: If you sign up for regular bulk shipments of Kind bars, you’ll save 16%.

If you’re on a special diet, like a gluten-free one, or Paleo, then you may find a better selection and lower prices online.

Baby food and other supplies could be up to 20% off if you order them through an online subscription service, like Amazon Family.

Shopping online can actually save you money, too, if it helps you avoid impulse buys.

But just as you shouldn’t go into a grocery store hungry, make sure you aren’t browsing online when you’re hungry, either.

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