After lengthy delays, fire-damaged home being repaired

Couple gets help with home repairs

POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - This morning, a cavalry of construction and insurance types showed up at a Powhatan couple’s home to discuss repairing everything that’s wrong.

Robert and Nancy Weakley say Nationwide Insurance paid the nearly $30,000 fire damage claim, but their home still smells like smoke, paint is splattered all over the place and some repairs are incomplete. That is all about to change.

Nationwide and the Wilton Construction told the Weakleys they want to resolve their problems with the house, but that they would leave as long as NBC12 was there.

A representative told the homeowner, “We don’t want to be on the news, you understand? That’s my direction. If the news is there then we should reschedule.”

The homeowner replied, “If y’all want to leave, you can leave.”

The deadlock this morning at the Weakleys home isn’t the first time these opposing parties hit an impasse. That same company representative said, “We want to work this out with you, but if you want to have the news crew here, we can’t move forward.”

Robert Weakley said, “They don’t want to do no more with y’all in here. I want y’all here.”

NBC12 agreed to leave the property.

It took several questions and numerous phone calls over the past several days just to get to bring about Thursday’s meeting.

“They said they were going to take care of everything and they didn’t want us to sign anything until they take care of it,” the homeowner said. “This wall wasn’t painted. They are going to paint that now. It’s a long list of concerns too detailed to name them all, but everything from the lingering smoke smell, to loose carpet and paint splatters were talked about today.”

The Weakleys say they’re glad they called for help. Both companies have even arranged for a service to unpack boxes since the couple isn’t physically able to do it themselves and to thoroughly clean the home.

“I couldn’t get nothing done to the house until Channel 12 came out and got on them,” Robert Weakley said. “We couldn’t get nothing done. They said no to everything we did.”

Repairs are set to begin as early as next week. The house is also getting smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

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