Restaurant says it fixed issues after roaches spotted near water heater

Updated: Apr. 25, 2019 at 2:26 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In this week’s Restaurant Report, there’s one restaurant who says it’s made big changes and a catering company that is getting flawless reviews.

Inside the shopping plaza off Cox Road in Henrico, you’ll find Tumeric Indian Cuisine. During a recent inspection, an inspector found three priority, three priority foundation, and 13 core violations. Three were corrected during the inspection.

The owner did not want to go on camera, but did want us to see the improvements he’s made. The inspector had an issue with the way some foods were being cooled. Pans were found on the floor with the inspector saying they needed to be elevated six inches. The owner fixed those problems.

Another concern was the dead roaches seen by the water heater. The owner says pest control comes in every two weeks and treated the restaurant two days prior to the inspection.

The health inspector recommended sealing all cracks and crevices, which the owner says they've done.

He says his restaurant has only been open a couple years, and they're still learning.

The owner of Tumeric Indian Cuisine says the Health Department re-inspected his restaurant Wednesday. He says the result was much better. NBC12 reached out to the Health Department for a copy of that report and are still waiting to hear back.

Our Hall of Fame winner this week is Maribelles, a catering company.

“We do everything from weddings to corporate to luncheons," said owner Kelly Raymond.

Over the past four years they've had 10 perfect inspections.

“It is a lot of cleaning, sometime you've got to be obsessive and think 'would I eat that personally? Would I want to?'" said Raymond.

This is how the Virginia Department of Health describes its violations on its website:

  • Priority identifies a provision in the Regulations whose application contributes directly to the elimination, prevention, or reduction to an acceptable level, hazards associated with foodborne illness or injury and there is no other provision that more directly controls the hazard.
  • Priority foundation identifies a provision in the Regulation whose application supports, facilitates, or enables one or more Priority items.
  • Core identifies a provision that is not Priority or Priority foundation and that usually relates to general sanitation, operational controls, sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), facilities, equipment, or general maintenance.

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