'Help us to survive’: Tow truck drivers speak out on importance of moving over

'Help us to survive’: Tow truck drivers speak out on importance of moving over

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Those working in the towing community are speaking out, pleading for drivers to move over when they see flashing lights.

This comes after a tow truck driver recovers in the hospital in serious condition after being hit while responding to a call on I-95 in Henrico.

“We are so close to death whenever we have to respond to a stranded motorist on the side of the interstate,” Bruce Eagle said.

Many tow truck drivers are feeling the pain after a wrecker driver was seriously injured after being hit while doing his job Saturday.

“One of our operators have had a near experience. He had his foot grazed while out on 288 loading a car,” Eagle said.

Bruce Eagle and his company have been in business for over two decades, they want to see changes to the newly approved move over law.

“The new higher penalty applies to law enforcement, fire and EMS. The towing community and VDOT workers were excluded from the stiffer penalty law that goes into effect in July,” Eagle said.

He’s not the only one.

“Every six days a tow truck driver is injured or killed,” Cindi Tinsley said.

Cindi Tinsley and several other tow truck drivers around Central Virginia are speaking out.

“A truck came this way, hit my mirror, smashed the mirror until my window. They kept going. We never caught them,” Tinsley said.

Everyone is saying they are ready to see change that could protect their lives.

“We are first responders too. When there is an accident, we get called out just like they do. We are out there on the side of the road,” Tinsley said.

It’s more than a job, everyone gathered together is family.

“This is our passion, this is our office, this is our job and life. Help us to survive,” Tinsley said.

As the towing community comes together to fight for stricter laws, the roaring of cars and the always present danger haunts them.

“It’s very disturbing because it could have been any of us,” Eagle said.

The tow industry is planning a ‘Spirit Ride’ where they ride around the city with a casket on the back of a truck to raise awareness for safety

As for the injured tow driver, he is still recovering in a hospital in serious condition, and Virginia State Police said they are still looking for the driver responsible.

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