Couple fires back at insurance, construction companies that repaired home

Couple calls 12 over home repairs

POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - Robert and Nancy Weakley are firing back at their homeowners’ insurance company and the construction company that repaired their home after a fire.

The couple says Nationwide Insurance paid the nearly $30,000 fire damage claim but their home still smells like smoke, paint is splattered all over the place and some repairs are incomplete.

Nationwide said a statement, in part, that it can not talk about specific claims but that it’s committed to working to resolve outstanding repairs.

NBC12′s Diane Walker spoke to the Vice President of Wilton Construction, Marcus Thompson, who says they addressed the paint splatters and that they are being blamed for work that other companies did after the fire.

An electrical fire at the Powhatan home last October burned without warning underneath the floor. Robert vividly recalls a frightening night when he and his wife were awakened by their smoke detector alarm.

“To tell you the truth, me and my wife almost lost our life. If it hadn’t been for the fire department shining that big light, we would never have found our way out. When we looked in here, this floor was completely engulfed,” Robert said.

Now that their home is restored, it’s ironic that those lifesaving detectors that woke them up when they were in danger have not been installed yet.

“I don’t understand how they put us in the house and didn’t put the smoke detectors up. Do you? I don’t have any smoke detectors,” Robert said.

Nationwide sent the following statement in regards to the issue:

“Nationwide assists its members and fulfills its obligations to them while repairs are being made to their homes. While we do not comment on specific claims, we are committed to work with our members to resolve any outstanding concerns with the repairs.”

Additional concerns of the family are numerous, and range from problems with the paint job. Robert says the paint rubs off when you touch it, and he says it’s splattered over glass and brick throughout his home.

“No hinges were removed when they painted these doors. You can tell. They didn’t paint behind these hinges. The job they did to me is sloppy in the bathroom. Nobody wiped anything down. It’s not wiped down. Nationwide is not on your side. I’ve been here since ’83 paying my premiums. Never been late. Never. I’m a veteran (of the) United States Navy. Sometimes we cry about how bad it is around here,” Robert said.

When asked about the Weakley’s complaints, including the smokey smell, Wilton Construction said it’s from cigarette smoke in the home. The company also says the Weakley’s complaints about their linoleum flooring and carpet are not covered, so they were not replaced or repaired. A number of contractors converged on the home after the fire and Wilton Constructions says they are being blamed for problems caused by other companies.

Robert says he’s being dismissed and wants repairs at his home addressed.

“I expected what they told me - that I was coming back to a nice, beautiful, brand new house. They’ve got to come back out here and do what they said they were going to do," he said.

As a result of Diane Walker’s inquires, there’s a meeting planned for Thursday. Wilton Construction and a Nationwide agent will meet with the couple and see for themselves the repair work that they are not happy with.

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