How to save on airfare as summer approaches

How to save on airfare as summer approaches

(WWBT/WXIX) - Airfares are creeping up, as they always do, the closer we get to summer.

But now thanks to new research from travel site Hopper, there are a few things to try to save money on your next trip.

The research shows that while it used to be flights with layovers were a lot cheaper, that isn’t necessarily true anymore.

On average, flights with one stop are about 5% cheaper than non-stop ones, but research found that about a third of the time now, that non-stop option is actually less expensive.

Hopper’s researchers also say the conventional wisdom of booking on Tuesdays, because that’s when flights are cheapest, isn’t true anymore.

Data shows that Tuesday fare purchases were lowest for only about 2% of all domestic flights.

When you book isn’t nearly as important as when you travel when it comes to saving money. The cheapest day to fly is still Wednesday.

Hopper’s data also found that there is a sweet spot in terms of how far out from your trip you book that airfare.

Book between 121 days and 21 days before departure, and you could save more than $200 on that ticket.

Book too early or too late, though, and you’ll pay a premium.

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