Unleashed: Group helps dogs gain more freedom

Unleashed: Group helps dogs gain more freedom

CHURCHVILLE, Va. (WHSV) — Volunteers from the organization Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge were hard at work Saturday morning installing a new fence for some dogs in Churchville.

The nonprofit has built four other fences at Virginia homes in an effort to free chained or penned dogs and bring pets into homes with their families.

Kimberly Hawk, the organizer of the fence build, said building these fences helps provide a better life for these pets.

"Sometimes chains will get embedded in their necks or collars will get embedded in their neck," Hawk said. "Their chains can get wrapped up around things and then they can't get into their dog house sometimes, in the extreme cold or extreme heat."

Amy Hammer with Augusta Dog Adoptions said chaining a dog can cause them to become stressed out and aggressive.

“There are a lot of reasons chaining animals is not ideal, if they’re not neutered they can become very possessive of their house,” Hammer said. “Usually dog bites come from chained dogs, so when they can have a fence and be with their family, that’s when they’re happiest.”

The organization has been working with the family for several weeks to plan and build the six-foot-tall fence. The fence stands in front of the home gated off, providing space to roam around for the family's three dogs.

The fence was built free of charge.

“The people we help, they love their dogs, they may not be able to take them to the vet, so when we do that for them they are so grateful,” Hawk said. “It takes a lot of stress off for them, it makes their life easier. It’s not just about the dogs. It’s about the people and their dogs.”

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