Insurance agent urges people to check coverage before severe weather hits

Storm season a good time to check up on your insurance

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The only thing worse than having your car or home destroyed by severe weather is realizing your insurance many not be able to cover it.

That’s why State Farm insurance agent Tracey Portillo said when it comes to coverage, you have two priorities to keep in mind.

“Your safety is the primary thing you should care about and then it’s about protecting your property,” Portillo said.

Portillo said the worst mistake you can make before experiencing severe weather is assuming your insurance covers something that it actually doesn’t.

The worst time to learn about the coverage you have is when it’s time to file a claim, said Portillo. “Claims can be complex, so that’s why it’s important when we talk about the what’s covered what’s not covered in a claim.”

“They’re just so many factors that can come into play and the threat of loosing the roof that’s over your head because of a storm, it’s worth researching and finding out what it would take to protect you and in most cases it’s very inexpensive,” Portillo added.

If you want to add more coverage or if you lack insurance entirely, Portillo said in many cases you can be covered almost instantly even days before severe whether hits.

“Every company can be a little bit different depending on what their rules are to make the insurance coverage immediately available, but if someone called me today even though their is a thunderstorm outside I could put coverage in place with immediate protection with payment,” said Portillo.

The biggest tip is that you should be proactive when it comes to coverage.

“Now before the big storms start rolling in is the best time to learn about what you have and then you’ll have some piece of mind knowing what you’ve got so if you do need to file a claim you’ll know how that works,” said Portillo.

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