Richmond residents brace for another round of possible storms

Richmond residents prepare for Friday's storms

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many people who are still cleaning up from Monday morning's storm are bracing themselves for the possibility of more damage Friday.

When you’ve been impacted by severe weather, you learn the lessons it can teach. Perhaps the most important, be prepared.

“A little worried about all of the loose branches,” Amanda Latham said.

On Kensington Avenue, in Richmond’s Museum District, a huge tree is still on the ground from Monday morning’s strong winds, although city crews have moved it from covering the sidewalk and street.

“We park over there so (we are) sort of having to walk in the road in order to get to our cars,” she said.

She has one wish.

"Would really like it to be cleared,” she said.

Because Friday could bring even more problems with the potential for heavy winds and storms.

"(We are) taking a few more precautions in terms of just in case our power goes out,” Latham said.

Thursday, Dominion Power said its crews are ready to hit the ground Friday night should outages occur. When trees and branches fall, they can cause power lines to come down too. Dominion reminds you to be aware of downed power lines. They could be live and dangerous, so always stay 30 feet away.

Because wind can move quickly, it can pick things up off of the ground. If there's something in your yard that can hit a building or hurt someone, emergency management officials say move it now.

Experts say make sure your generator is fueled, tested and properly working before the storm hits.

“I’ll pull my generator out and look at it,” Meade Anderson said. ”If we get a tornado, I’m worried. If we don’t, I’m happy."

But being prepared is the name of the game.

Dominion says if an outage hits your neighborhood, or even if you see a downed power line, you can report it by calling 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) or by visiting:

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