After 9 months, woman gets resolution to Nissan dealer’s insurance mistake

Woman paying for canceled gap insurance

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico woman who paid for gap insurance crashed her car, but the company refused to pay the claim.

Kathryn Robinson says Nissan of Richmond on West Broad made a huge mistake in her paperwork, which canceled her gap coverage.

Robinson said she has been trying to collect the claim for nine months, but was unsuccessful until NBC12 made persistent calls Nissan Corporate and Dealer Motor Services, the gap insurance company.

Robinson crashed her 2015 Nissan Rogue last July. The insurance company labeled it a total loss and wrote a $13,000 check to her financier, Nissan Motor Acceptance Group. But the claim process fell apart when she went to Nissan to initiate the gap payment.

“Someone dropped the ball," Robinson said. "I’ve been told the person who did drop the ball, they’ve been terminated since then.”

Gap insurance pays the difference between what the car is worth and the outstanding debt left on a loan. In Robinson’s case, that amounted to $4,000.

Kathryn Robinson's crashed Nissan Rogue.
Kathryn Robinson's crashed Nissan Rogue. (Source: NBC12)

Robinson said she overheard a conversation between Nissan staff members questioning the forms she signed that ended with one of those forms being destroyed.

“The conversation ended with him saying you need to destroy that form that’s the wrong form," Robinson said. “He got off the phone with her and said, ‘Ms. Robinson don’t worry about it. We’re going to take care of it.’"

Robinson said she was told the wrong form had been given for her to sign and that Nissan assured her she was covered.

But Dealer Motor Services would not honor the claim. Eeven though Robinson said Nissan admitted its mistake, it would not work on her behalf.

“He said that because he has my signature on this form, I was responsible for at least half of the balance," Robinson said. “I explained to him, ‘No, Sir. That is not what I paid gap insurance to do.’”

NBC12 contacted all entities involved - Nissan of Richmond, Nissan corporate offices and Dealer Motor Services whose president, Cindy Minor, was made aware of the situation.

Minor was told Robinson had been fighting for her payment since October and no one was working with her. After a couple of calls and email exchanges, Dealer Motor Services assigned a representative to Robinson’s case.

Nissan of Richmond.
Nissan of Richmond. (Source: NBC12)

Nissan of Richmond General Manager Manny Fakhori said his staff would reprimanded and that is not the way the dealership conducts its business. Fakhori said Robinson’s problem would be resolved and her balance would be paid.

“I don’t know what string she had to pull to get him on the phone,” Robinson said. “He would not come to the phone and speak to me. Because of 12 On Your Side, (Diane Walker) was able to ask them to write a letter to the three main credit bureaus to get this off my credit history."

The lesson to take away from Robinson’s ordeal is to take the time and read paperwork that is given to you in detail before you sign it, and ask any questions you may have up front.

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