Henrico teen starts kindness club to prevent bullying

Henrico 4th-grader creates club to prevent bullying

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and Henrico fourth-grader Catherine Conner is proving just that by creating a kindness group to prevent bullying at her school, the Collegiate.

“I saw some people being mean to other people and since I was going into fourth grade I wanted to try and help that,” Conner said.

At the beginning of the school year, the Collegiate student says she saw a young girl being bullied on the playground.

“It makes them feel bad, and I don’t want anybody to really feel bad," Conner said.

So, she wrote a letter to her counselor with a several ideas on how the school could be better when it comes to being kind.

“She really wanted to do something inspirational for our school community," counselor Kelsey Fulton said. “She wanted to spread kindness and that she really wanted to help kids learn to treat each other with kindness.”

Since the group started, they’ve performed a skit about bullying and how to stop it, created kindness rocks around campus with kindness reminders on them, and they’re currently writing a book on kindness to put in the school’s library.

“We just kind of formed a mission with what we wanted to do and accomplish, and we went from there with creating projects that matched our mission,” Fulton said.

Now that the movement has started, the school hopes the students continue to see the value in being kind to one another.

“It makes me feel good that I get to see a lot of people feel better than they would normal if someone was mean,” Conner said.

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