Owners reunited with dog that was hit by car

Dog hit by car, saved by Good Samaritans

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield family is thankful their dogs are safe after they escaped from a fenced-in yard, and one was hit by a car.

Dude the Mastiff and his brother Leo were rescued by Angi Hamer on Tuesday morning, when she saw Dude motionless in the middle of Route 288.

“Dude had a lot of blood, gashes on his face,” Hamer said.

She said cars were driving around Dude, and somehow Leo was uninjured. Hamer knew she needed to help.

“[Dude] popped up, maybe he had been in shock, but he ran off to the side of the road," Hamer said. “[Eventually] They both kind of stopped and when they stopped, I stopped, got out and lifted my hatch and they both jumped in and just kind of sat there.”

Hamer says Dude was covered in blood, but he had a safe place in the back of her minivan. Her car is now covered in blood stains.

Hamer was not the only person to help the pair. She said a woman named Diane and another unnamed good Samaritan stopped to make sure they were safe.

Dude was taken to a vet in critical condition, Leo was eventually reunited with his owners, Jason and Jordan Zema, the same night, while staff at Iron Bridge Animal Hospital took care of Dude.

Wednesday afternoon, a somewhat bruised and scraped up Dude was cleared to go home.

“I can’t imagine someone doing something like that. He’s a family pet, not a stray, even though that doesn’t matter. We have three children who love him," Jason Zema said.

Dude the Mastiff.
Dude the Mastiff. (Source: Jordan Zema)

The Zemas say they are grateful and were excited to see the more than 80-pound dog excitedly wagging his tail to greet them, but they want to know who might have hit Dude and just kept going on a busy road.

They started a GoFundMe to not only help with Dude’s medical bills, but also want to repay Hamer because of the condition her car is in.

“If it was not for her, I don’t know if we would have seen our dogs again," Jordan Zema said. “Not a lot of people would have stopped for dogs, especially ones as big as him. We’re just thankful."

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