WATCH: Pair of bonded barred owls released into wild together

Pair of owls released in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield County has two new avian residents after a pair of barred owls were released Monday evening.

Richmond Wildlife Center had cared for a female owl since January after she flew into a screen door and suffered eye trauma.

In a February update, the center said the owl was being flight tested for release.

The Barred Owl who flew through a screened porch is progressing very well. Her ocular trauma has subsided, now we will...

Posted by Richmond Wildlife Center on Thursday, February 7, 2019

A male owl was admitted in December 2018 after it had its leg caught in a conjoined tree. Richmond Wildlife Center said the male owl suffered some injuries due to stress and underwent multiple surgeries to treat the trauma to his foot.

Melissa Stanley, Executive Director of Richmond Wildlife Center, said the male was very stressed and aggressive and was introduced to the female, whose calm demeanor helped eased his stress while being treated.

The owls became bonded and were released together into the female’s home territory off Welby Court in Chesterfield.

A Barred Owl was admitted after being found with its foot stuck in a conjoined tree. As the injuries have begun to heal we noticed that the tissue on its right foot was healing too tightly causing a stricture and its right digits to swell. Dr. Clay debrided away the stricture leaving a significant wound. This was a great opportunity to utilize Vetrix Amniotic Powder, Healion. We have used this technology on several patients now and it rapidly speeds up the healing process ultimately getting our patients back into the wild much faster.

Posted by Richmond Wildlife Center on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Yesterday evening before sunset we were able to release two Barred Owls. The female was admitted after flying through a screened porch and suffering eye and head trauma. The male was admitted after being found with his foot caught in a conjoined tree. He was highly stressed in captivity and incurred a few self inflicted injuries as a result. He undergoing multiple surgical procedures to address his foot injuries. When she was admitted, she was quite the opposite of his temperament. Very sweet and docile compared to his rebellious and rambunctious self. We introduced him in with her and she helped with his stress levels, soothing and calming him. They are now a bonded pair and were released back into her home territory together.

Posted by Richmond Wildlife Center on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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