Chances of a frost or freeze dwindling in Central Virginia

Forecast for above average temperatures for the next couple of weeks

Frost chances dropping in Central Virginia

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It’s the time of year when we scan the medium- to long-range forecast for signs of frost.

First, a look at the computer models. This bar graph is a look at a blend of computer models and if you look at the green bars (overnight lows) you won’t even find a number in the low 40s after Tuesday morning. This is a good sign that a warmer than average pattern will hold.

And here’s the forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, showing a good chance of above average temperatures through the end of the month.

At this time of year, it doesn’t take much “warmth” to keep frost away. The record lows for the second half of April are around the 32° mark. That means as long as you trend ABOVE average in mid to late April you typically can avoid any frost!

There’s an OUTSIDE chance at temperatures in the 30s Saturday or Sunday morning this weekend, so we’ll watch closely.

What does this mean? Summer annuals can probably be planted with only a SMALL threat of frost from here on out.

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