RPD fosters 2 dogs in partnership with RACC

Updated: Apr. 12, 2019 at 7:29 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Animal Care and Control has partnered with two Richmond police departments to give foster dogs a new home.

The new four-legged officers on Paw Patrol are Officer Zoe at Richmond’s Third Precinct and at Ginger at First Precinct.

Both dogs currently live at their respective precincts 24/7.

Coordinators from RACC say the program was created to help get the word out about the overcrowded facilities and to show the community that shelter dogs are a good option.

“Its great for them to get exposure to get out of the shelter," RACC outreach coordinator Robin Young said. “It helps us learn about the animal to get them out of the shelter environment and into the foster program. That helps us see a different side of the animal.”

“Before I was a ‘go find a breeder’ type of person, but being a part of this program, you get to see animals who are really in need of companionship,” Third Precinct Commander Capt. Marty Harrison said.

Harrison said since the partnership, the morale has gone up with Zoe being around.

“It makes people want to move around," Harrison said. “So, I’m conscious now when I come in the building, said hey I got to go up and see Zoe. I’m not just stuck at my desk.”

Several other businesses have already signed onto the program, including the Graduate hotel and a local yoga studio.

They all are hoping to show dogs like Zoe the compassion they’ve been missing.

“It really gives us something different to focus in on instead of the day-to-day stuff," Harrison said. “And I think she enjoys being here.”

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