Department of Public Works looks foward to mayor’s proposed budget

Department of Public Works looks foward to mayor’s proposed budget

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In Richmond, potholes are a problem. But the Department of Public Works wants you to know that they’re working hard to fill up them up.

If you’ve been living in Richmond long enough, you may have some roads that you try to avoid so your car doesn’t take a beating from the potholes.

Department of Public Works Director Bobby Vincent says he has a vision for more long-term fixes, to help with the pothole problem.

“This piece of equipment was able to blow out any debris or trash or water. It was also able to put down the emulsion that enable the bonding agent for the material, and then we were able to put chips inside of it in order to create the asphalt patch,” Vincent described the mechanical arm extending from the large DPW truck working on one pothole.

Vincent says about 65% of the streets in the city are in fair or poor condition. With repair work, he hopes to get 80% of the roads in good condition.

“We’re trying to make sure we eliminate the hazard, and then when we have the opportunity, we can come back and either pave that street or that neighborhood or do a more permanent repair," he said.

Vincent says he’s looking forward to the mayor’s proposed budget, which gives about $16.2 million to the department.

He said $15 million would be dedicated to the repaving projects in those neighborhoods, and the other $1.2 million for sidewalk repair work.

“[There’s] about 19 neighborhoods that we’re looking at paving with those particular funds, and that would certainly bring them to being in good condition, versus being in poor condition like they are now,” he said.

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