Robot takes sick children to the zoo

Robot takes sick children to the zoo
Robot 'Leos' rolls through the zoo showing a livestream of the animals to children.

Poznan, Poland (WWBT/RTV) - Robotic technology is now giving some sick children in Poland the chance to visit a zoo, from their hospital bed.

'Leos' the robot rolls through the city's zoo, showing a livestream of the inhabitants.

Leos was created by polish animal lover, Lukasz Bodnarowski, whose own son was diagnosed with a genetic muscle-wasting disease a year ago.

Leos is controlled by a computer or mobile device, and accompanied by a zookeeper, who explains facts about the animals to the child controlling him.

The robot can also access areas of the zoo which are generally off-limits to visitors.

A hospital psychologist says access to live animals, even just via a screen, helps the hospital's young patients to deal with the boredom of being confined to bed.

Bodnarowski said he soon plans to expand to other hospitals and zoos.

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