Good ways to start money conversations while avoiding arguments

Ways to start money conversations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Sometimes just bringing up money can spark an argument between two people that are sharing a life together.

It’s important when you have a conversation about money to take the emotion out of it. Don’t start talking about money when you’re already in an argument.

Cherry Dale, a financial education director at the Virginia Credit Union, says you’ll get more done at the end of a conversation if you take a step back and wait. Plan a time to sit down and talk when both people are in a good mood.

“Maybe you’re out having a drink here or there or over coffee, and just sit down and have a fun conversation about money and talk about your dreams. Because ultimately money is the segue to making our dreams come true,” said Dale.

Couples also have to remember that each person will have their own money personality, meaning one of you is a spender and one of you may be a saver.

Knowing and understanding that person’s viewpoint could help to cut-down on future arguments.

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