Video shows Chesterfield bus aide choking 12-year-old boy

Bus aide chokes special needs student

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Video of an altercation between a Chesterfield bus aide and a 12-year-old student appears to show the aide choking the student.

“You are going to stop this s**t you hear me? I am not in the d**n mood to be playing with you," bus aide John Wescott can be heard saying on the video. “I don’t care about your bad day in school, you don’t have to bring crap on this bus."

Police say Wescott assaulted the child while on the way home from the Grafton School in Chesterfield.

The boy’s parents say he reported the incident to them immediately.

“It’s our biggest fear that has come true in having a special needs son,” the child’s parent said. “He came running up the stairs and said the aide had choked him. It’s very concerning to see a grown man put his hands around my child’s neck."

An aide on a Chesterfield bus was captured on video in an altercation with a student.
An aide on a Chesterfield bus was captured on video in an altercation with a student. (Source: NBC12)

The boy’s family submitted an open records request with the school system to obtain the video and shared it with NBC12.

“Say it again. I swear to God I am going to Jag you. Say it again. No, NO YOU SAY IT! You are going to stop this crap,” Wescott says on the video.

It is not known what Wescott was reacting to, and the boy’s family is demanding answers.

“We haven’t really heard anything from Chesterfield County or the Grafton school," the parent said. “Nobody has reached out to apologize or say sorry or anything of that nature.”

Wescott was charged with assault and battery and was convicted in court last month.

School officials confirm Wescott is no longer on the job, but the family is now turning its attention elsewhere.

“I want people to know there were more than one person on that bus. I want Chesterfield County to take accountability,” the parent said.

Family members said the school was not alerted until they brought it to their attention. They claim both the bus aide and bus driver remained silent.

“She did not inform them of the assault," the parent said. “We were the informer, so it’s definitely concerning. She potentially turned a blind eye. My main concern is to make sure this doesn’t occur again for my son or any other special needs child who might not have a voice."

The boy’s family said the bus driver still works for the school system, but was moved to a different route.

As for the 12-year-old, his parents believe he might have post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident.

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