Fairfax says he’s willing to testify under oath, releases polygraph test results

Fairfax seeks probe of assault claims

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax on Wednesday said he’s willing to testify under oath that he did not sexually assault two women who came forward with allegations in February.

“It is very important for truth to be established,” he said.

He says he deserves to treated fairly during the process and that national interviews is not the way to get to the truth.

This week, his accusers Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson conducted interviews on “CBS This Morning” saying that Fairfax’s response has been “disgraceful.”

Fairfax said Wednesday his encounters with Tyson and Watson years ago were consensual.

He also said that there are discrepancies in Tyson’s and Watson’s accounts of what happened.

“I knew these allegations were false when I first heard them,” he said Wednesday.

Fairfax released his report of two polygraph tests he took recently that says help prove his innocence.

Fairfax continued his call for an investigation into the allegations by law enforcement.

He says he’ll cooperate fully with prosecutors in Boston and North Carolina where the women say the assaults occurred.

Fairfax says he’s willing to testify under oath

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