Interactive map shows condition rating of Richmond roads

Richmond launches interactive map of road quality rankings

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We all know the roads in Richmond can be pretty poor but now, you can figure out just how bad or good your street may be.

It’s all thanks to a new interactive map, developed by Richmond’s department of public works. It’s all in an effort for the city to be more transparent.

The Pavement Condition Index ratings of every street in the city is available on an interactive map on the city’s website.

The rating is one of the tools used by the city to prioritize paving and infrastructure work.

The announcement comes after an analysis that said more than 60 percent of Richmond’s roads were considered to be in poor shape was released earlier this month.

The rating is based on a 0-100 scale. The lower the number, the worse the road. The map is searchable by address.

The roads highlighted in green indicate good or satisfactory roads. Roads that are considered fair are marked in yellow. Areas marked in red represent poor to serious and the failed roads are marked in grey.

Several roads on the interactive map show scores in the low 20s and teens, which is categorizes them as “serious.”

Many other, including the Mayo Bridge fall under the “very poor” rating of 26 to 40.

In order for a road to be considered satisfactory, it has to score 71 to 85.

While some appreciate the transparency, they also say it’s just highlighting a problem they were already aware of.

“They’re slowly getting there, but there are a lot of roads that I think they’ve let get too bad for too long,” said Johnothan Reynolds. "It’s going to take a lot of work to get to the point

The map will be updated as paving projects are completed so you can watch any progress made in real time.

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