Why paying attention to sale cycles is important

What to buy on sale

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT/WXIX) - It’s a buying pattern that could be draining your wallet.

Simply paying attention to the sale cycles at your grocery store could save you serious money.

If you are someone who tends to buy things only after you run out, changing that habit could increase savings.

Generally speaking, everything from toiletries like tooth paste, deodorant and shampoo to foods like dry cereal go on sale every six to eight weeks.

It’s important to pay attention to when those sales hit at the store, and then buy enough supplies to last you until the next sale.

You can also look for a manufacturers’ coupon to save even more.

If you normally walk right past the store ad on your way in, take a minute to scan it. Some of those store specials are actually loss leaders -- deals so good the store loses money on them to try to get you in the door to buy more.

Among the best deals in those ads are the meat specials which can be 50 to 75 percent off. Building the week’s meals around those deals will save you money.

Big seasonal sales are also a great time to stock up and save. Stores slash prices on baking ingredients right before the holidays for instance.

Before the Superbowl? Chips, dips and other snacks are marked down.

And February is both national hot cereal month and national canned food month.

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