Suffering from allergies? Richmond ranks 10 worst cities for allergy season

Suffering from allergies? Richmond ranks 10 worst states for allergy season

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Things aren’t going to be pretty here in Central Virginia.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American released a report showing that Richmond ranks top ten for the most challenging city for allergy sufferers.

It’s the time of year where many join in and harmonize in the chorus of sneezes and for those allergy sufferers - the worst is yet to come

“Well, there’s no cure,” Medical Director at Patient First Melissa Aquilo said.

Aquilo said clinics are starting to see patients trickle in with symptoms.

“Mostly runny nose, sneezing a little coughing, itchy and watery eyes and nose,” Aquilo said.

As the temps start to rise, the pollen and allergy count does as well.

“Any of the things that are growing like grass. Right now, the trees are blooming. As we progress into spring there will be more flowers but right now mostly trees,” Aquilo said.

If you haven’t already started treating your symptoms, you are late to the game.

“They start their allergy medicines one to two weeks before their allergy season starts so the medicine is already in their system,” Aquilo said.

So how to stay healthy if there is no cure?

“I recommend allergy avoidance. That’s the best treatment for an allergy is to try and avoid what you are allergic to,” Aquilo said.

It’s as simple as a shower.

“That would be staying indoors when you can. Have someone else do the yard work and if you have to do, it wear a mask. And when you go inside, go inside to shower and rinse the pollen off that might be on the skin,” Aquilo said.

Also remember to change your bedding.

“Wash things like your pillow case frequently so if there is any pollen on the pillow case you aren’t sleeping in it,” Aquilo said.

Medicine is always available. The doctor says over the counter antihistamines and nasal sprays will also do the trick.

If you have little ones suffering, talk with their teacher.

“If the school can allow it when they come in - have the child wash their faces with soap and water,” Aquilo said.

Experts also encourage motorist to roll the windows up and turn on the air, that prevents the pollen from getting inside the car.

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