Sixth graders lead cemetery cleanup

Sixth graders lead cemetery cleanup

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Two ambitious middle schoolers gave back to their community, taking the first steps to restore a local cemetery.

Jackson Drummond and Hudson Krapf lead a clean up effort to re-raise headstones and pull out weeds at the Spring Creek Cemetery in Midlothian.

“There were trees everywhere. We had to cut them down - chainsaw them down," Drummond said. "That’s not a good way to be reunited with your loved ones.”

Krapf says mother nature and vandals have both had their way with the burial ground, which is located right in his backyard.

The boys say they knew of each other for years, but never became friends until a few months ago when Drummond suffered an injury and Krapf assisted him.

“I came over to the house and I said ‘Oh this is the cemetery I’m researching,' and he said ‘Oh really? I’ve always been interested in this.’ So, we teamed up," Drummond said.

Together, they created posters and had their teachers spread the word around the school.

“We just put up a few posters, then we advertised through our little newspaper, and things started to happen," said English teacher Deborah Cooke.

About 30 of Drummond and Krapf’s schoolmates took part in the clean up.

“A couple of other people here went to Evergreen Cemetery. We cleaned up, uncovered dozens of graves. It was one of the best experience I’ve ever had," Volunteer Holland Broggie said. "When I heard about this, I really wanted to come out and do that again.”

But the pair isn’t done just yet.

Drummond and Krapf say that they plan to restore the Crump Farm Cemetery next, and they’re keeping track of their plans and progress on their website.

“We want to make this a real charity run by kids, because you don’t have to grow up to change the world," said Drummond.

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