Tax scams to watch out for this season

How to avoid common IRS tax scams

(CNN) – It’s the height of tax season, and that means you need to be aware of scammers.

The Internal Revenue Service has warned against a number of common scams aimed at separating you from your money.

There’s even one where criminals hack into your tax professional’s system, get your information and file a fake return in your name.

You’ll get a refund dropped right into your bank account, followed by a call saying it was deposited in error. You’ll then be told to forward the money to a collection agency.

And watch out for phishing scams – they were up 60 percent last year.

These come in the form of emails with subject lines like “IRS taxpayer notice” or “IRS important notice.” The emails usually demand payment and try to get you to click on a link.

Scammers will also target you at work if you’re in the human resources or payroll departments. They’ll pose as the CEO to try to get employees’ tax information.

So, what to do if you’ve been targeted by a scammer? Report it to the IRS, the Federal Trade Commission or your state’s attorney general.

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