Mom says stranger slapped 13-year-old in Shockoe Bottom

‘I think she should be held accountable’: Mom says stranger slaps 13-year-old daughter in Shockoe Bottom

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A mother says her 13-year-old was slapped by stranger while riding in the car.

Dashcam video shows the tense moments in the streets of Shockoe Bottom.

“I think she should be held accountable,” the girl’s mother said.

The family doesn’t want to be identified but said the girl was smacked while riding in the car with friends.

“About 7:30 their mom called and said the girls were on their way back from west Broad Street and there was an incident," the mother said. “I thought they might have been in an accident.”

A group of teenage girls and they were just trying to get home to Varina. The driver was 17 years old.

“They were just stuck in the traffic, there were people in the road and they were trying to go home,” the mother said.

Video shows the street was busy and several people were blocking the road. One girl can be seen putting her foot on the front of the car and another girl can be seen going to the side.

As the driver tries to pull off, there was a smack inside.

“I didn’t understand how an adult could do this to a child, especially one that’s just 13,” the girl’s mother said.

Richmond Police said it is investigating the incident.

“They came and looked at the footage and said if they could identify her then they would see,” the mother said.

She took a screenshot of the video and posted it to Facebook trying to identify who was responsible.

“In a matter of hours, it had been shared over 200 times,” she said.

We reached out to those accused of being in the video, but they refused to comment. After we reached out to the women, those in the video they say they want to apologize to all those involved.

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