Prescribed burn planned for Malvern Hill

Prescribed burn planned for Malvern Hill
Malvern Hill Battlefield. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In late March or early April, the National Park Service plans to have a prescribed burn on 65 acres of at Richmond National Battlefield Park at Malvern Hill in Henrico County.

The park conducts burning in specific areas every two to three years to maintain the landscape as it appeared in the summer of 1862 when opposing armies fought there.

The prescribed burn allows the park to continue to have an open landscape, reduce woody and non-native species and reduce the park’s maintenance costs.

When the park conducts the burn, they will have no fewer than 12 certified wildland firefighters will be on hand along with Henrico County Fire department. The prescribed burn will be carried out when certain weather conditions are met.

There are established burn breaks for where the fire moves through the area. Neighbors may smell and see smoke while the park burns, but the smoke will disperse quickly.

The burn is expected to last no longer than eight hours.

The park trail and parsonage parking lot at Malvern Hill will be closed during the burn. After the burn is over the effected park areas will be black but, in a few weeks, it will be green with vegetation.

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