Abandoned dog left at Lidl in Chesterfield finds a new home

Abandoned dog gets new home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A German Shepherd named Kona that was abandoned in a cart at Lidl is getting a new forever home.

Chesterfield Animal control held an adoption event for the German Shepherd puppy Wednesday.

The buzz for the dog was so great that people lined up outside the door hours before the shelter even opened.

Kona’s new owner, Timothy McClure, said the moment he saw her story he knew she was the one for him, so he was happy to wait in line for this opportunity since 5 a.m.

“Luckily, I was the first one here," McClure said. “I beat a few people here by a few minutes. I was very very lucky."

In February 2019, surveillance photos showed an SUV abandoning Kona in a grocery cart at Lidl.

“I think it’s one of the most heartless things anyone can do," McClure said. “She’s just a baby, she’s defenseless.”

Chesterfield animal control said pet owners are responsible for finding a new home for their pets, and they wished the previous owner had approached other options, like contacting the SPCA or a Humane Society.

“Doing what this individual did is against the law,” Chesterfield animal service manager Carrie Jones said. “The puppy could have jumped out of the shopping cart and got injured, so its really no excuse for that."

Surveillance photo of Kona's owner leaving her at Lidl
Surveillance photo of Kona's owner leaving her at Lidl

Regardless of her past, Kona is still running around full of life.

“Anybody that comes up to her she wants to kiss them, get in their lap and want to be held, so she’s a really outgoing friendly puppy,” Jones said.

As for McClure, he says he plans on giving her the home and love she deserves.

“She’s full of love and that’s all she’s been giving to me, and that’s all I plan on giving to her,” McClure said.

Although Kona has found a new home, Chesterfield police still need your help to find the person who abandoned the dog.

If you know anything, call Chesterfield police at (804) 748-1251.

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