Passengers relive harrowing moments when bus overturned

Two dead, dozens hurt in bus crash

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Monique Berry of Queens, NY, knew something was wrong after closing her eyes aboard a charter bus this morning.

“We were just moving too fast, it felt like a roller coaster," she said.

She was on her way back home after a visit to Savannah, GA, and there didn’t seem to be any problems with the driver after they switched in North Carolina.

Berry remembers blacking out after the initial impact, and waking up in a different part of the bus with another passenger helping her escape the damaged vehicle to join the rest of the dazed passengers.

“There was a lot of people just laying in the mud ... stuck,” she said.

Another passenger, Christopher Forrest, was asleep and had quite the wake-up call .

“I open my eyes and we’re in a spin cycle. We [spun] at least four times," he said.

But after gathering his bearings, he immediately sprung to action to help evacuate is fellow passengers.

“There was a little ventilation thing - if you’re familiar with the public buses. I had to kick that out, and I climbed through there, turned around and next thing I know, everybody was following me," Forrest said.

Forrest suffered some bumps and bruises and desperately wants to be back home, but says he understands he is one of the lucky ones.

“There’s a lot of people that were riding with me. Their predicament is a little worse than mine,” he added.

Two of the passengers on the bus lost their lives.

Both Berry and Forrest say the first thing they did afterwards was call their families, just to reassure them that they were are OK.

While Forrest is eager to board another bus back to Queens, Berry says she’s very much trying to avoid that option.

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