2 arrested in Stafford after Ring camera captured package theft

2 arrested in Stafford after Ring camera captured package theft
Tahari Turk, left, and Michel Smith, right. (Source: Stafford County Sheriff's Office)

STAFFORD, VA (WWBT) - Two suspects have been arrested in a string of robberies in Stafford.

A deputy with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported theft at a home on Nugent Drive on March 18. The resident showed the deputy a surveillance recording from a Ring camera showing the suspect run up to the porch, grab a package and flee on a bicycle.

After analyzing the video, the deputy recognized the bicycle as one that was reported stolen March 14 and the suspect was the same as in that incident.

The deputy began searching an area of Brannigan Drive where the suspect was known to live

At the same time, a separate deputy was searching for a separate suspect in the same area. Tahari Turk, 19, of Stafford, was seen dribbling a basketball in a driveway on Brannigan Drive. The stolen bicycle was also seen at the residence and Turk was arrested.

Tahari Turk.
Tahari Turk. (Source: Stafford County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies then responded to a second call of a suspicious person looking in windows on Bruce Street. Michel Smith, 29, of Stafford, was located on Walpole Street.

Smith admitted to stealing several packages, including the one on Nugent Drive, and told deputies he threw it behind a Pizza Hut dumpster after realizing it contained dog supplements. He also admitted to stealing the bicycle.

The stolen package was recovered from behind the dumpster.

Smith is charged with three counts of petit larceny and was incarcerated at Rappahannock Regional Jail on a secured bond.

Turk was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony in connection with a cell phone larceny from Jan. 22 and was held at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

Michel Smith.
Michel Smith. (Source: Stafford County Sheriff's Office)

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