Startup makes smart lighter to help smokers kick habit

Startup makes smart lighter to help smokers kick habit
A Lebanese startup company hopes a smart lighter called the Slighter will help smokers reduce or stop smoking.

(CNN) – A Lebanese startup company is hoping a smart lighter will help smokers kick the habit.

The “Slighter” uses tracking, a bit of shaming and flame withholding.

It spends the first week getting to know the user’s typical smoking schedule. An app collects the data through Bluetooth, then creates a plan to gradually help a smoker reduce or stop smoking.

The lighter’s screen shows a countdown to when the smoker can light up again. During that time, the flame is disabled.

When it’s time to smoke, the lighter vibrates, makes a sound or shines a light on the screen.

There is, however, a button that lets users cheat. The founder says without a cheat button, some smokers would inevitably go back to a regular lighter.

The Slighter costs $129 and is now available for pre-order. The company hopes to start deliveries later this year.

Of course, the Slighter won’t help people quit vaping, since they don’t need a lighter for that.

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