First ever jaguar cub born from artificial insemination

First ever jaguar cub born from artificial insemination

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For the first time, one jaguar cub was born after being conceived using artificial insemination.

The cub arrived at the Associação Mata Ciliar in Brazil on Feb. 16.

The birth is a result of an AI procedure performed by scientists from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW).

Officials said the mother, a wild-born female named Bianca, was one of five jaguars inseminated in early November using the laparoscopic AI methods.

“The jaguar is the last of the seven big cat species to be produced by AI. The birth of this cub is an important milestone and invigorates the possibility of using assisted reproduction as a management tool to conserve this iconic cat," said Dr. Lindsey Vansandt, CREW’s Theriogenologist and the lead scientist on the project.

Following a 104-day gestation period, Bianca gave birth to a single viable jaguar cub.

Unfortunately, zoo officials said the cub did not survive.

“The cub disappeared from the maternity den two days after birth, presumably consumed by the mother,” they stated in a news release.

Vansandt said they are still celebrating the major scientific advancement for the conservation of this species.

“From a scientific perspective, we’re celebrating the fact that the cub was born healthy and that the AI was a success. It’s disappointing that the cub did not survive longer, but it’s not uncommon for carnivores, especially first-time mothers, to behave this way with their offspring," she said.

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