Study shows over 60 percent of Richmond roads are in poor shape

Report: 65 percent of Richmond streets in poor shape

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A recent study shows nearly two-thirds of roads in Richmond are in poor condition.

A report is done every five years and cost the city more than $300,000. According to the report, 65 percent of the roads are in poor condition.

“Only about 35 percent of our streets are currently in good shape,” Richmond Director of Public Work Bobby Vincent said.

That number is nowhere near the city’s overall goal to have 80 percent of the streets good or better.

The findings were presented in front of Richmond’s City Council.

“We need the funding in order to eliminate and get out of the mode of just repairing potholes. We need to start being proactive, and repaving is the way to go about that,” Vincent said.

A survey showed 73 percent of Richmonders are not happy with the maintenance of neighborhood streets and sidewalks.

“It’s about $140 million, and that’s just to fix roads that are fair to poor,” Vincent said. “We’ve repaired more potholes this year than we did last year, and last year was a record year for us."

Almost 26,000 potholes were filled in the 2018. Some of the rougher areas are district’s three, five and seven.

Tensions were in full throttle inside the meeting as several City Council members spoke passionately about the repairs needing to be done to save the taxpayers money when it comes to car repairs.

“You might have a $200 fix or a $1,000 if you bend or break the correct part on the vehicle,” Billy Allen, with Allen and Allen Tire, said. “Bent wheels or bubbles on the tires or steering wheel is not straight driving down the road."

Allen said he sees several vehicles of week with pothole damage and warns drivers to inspect their vehicles.

“Another thing you can look out for is a bulge in the side of the tire, which means you have broken a belt within that tire and the tire is compromised,” Allen said.

Vincent said at the end of the day more money is needed to get the roads safe and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney is aware of the survey and the findings.

Vincent said his department works very hard to maximize funding to hit all current issues, but at the end of the day more money is needed.

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