Richmond woman spreads kindness in honor of late mother

Richmond woman spreads kindness in honor of late mother

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman who lost her mother to cancer is on a mission to spread kindness all across Virginia - one gift card at a time.

Over the course of seven years, Wanda Firment beat cancer twice and had a double mastectomy.

But the disease was too much when it returned for a third time. She died just a week after turning 51.

Now, when her birthday rolls around, Wanda’s daughter Janine celebrates by filling envelopes with a gift card and drops them off at random places - like the candy aisle at a grocery store, nestled between Twizzlers.

“Each envelope has a note card inside, with a picture of her in it, and a little bit about her story,” said Janine. “I just hope that they think about her, and I hope it makes them smile. And maybe it will make them do something nice for someone else.”

Mike Curtis and Debbie Diaz-Granados found Janine on while looking for someone to babysit their two-year-old son, Leo.

“We got off the phone after a conversation with her and we said, ‘that’s the person that we need,'” said Diaz-Granados. "She is just a really selfless person. I would say she takes care of everyone else much better than she takes care of herself.”

Their connection was instant, and Janine quickly became part of the family.

“Leo calls her Nini, and he just adores her.”

Early on, the couple realized that Janine would do nice things for complete strangers, whenever she got the chance.

And when they heard the story behind “1 for Wanda,” they wanted to share her story.

“She doesn’t require or need recognition for it, but we felt that it was something that should be recognized," said Curtis.

Lead by a mother’s love, Janine will continue to sprinkle a little more joy and compassion around the country!

“Sometimes people would email and post on social media, and let us know that they found the random act of kindness, and it’s pretty cool to see where it goes. Somebody might be having a bad day, and they’ll say, I found your card and it was great and it made me smile.”

Probably the biggest smile of all, is coming from above.

“Hopefully, she’s looking down and smiling and happy that I’m making other people happy," said Janine.

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