Virginia joins list of states calling on federal law to restrict robocalls

Cracking down on robo callers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Attorney General Mark Herring is calling on phone companies to do more to stop the nuisance phone calls. It comes as the 804 area code was deemed as one of the worst in the country for robocalls.

"I get them all day. 704, 843, 252, all day long and I'm sick of it,” she said referencing the various area codes that call her.

Robocalls give you a ring when when you least expect it with all kinds of pitches.

“Anywhere from ‘you can get new windows.' Anywhere from back brace, ankle brace, knee brace, anything, anything…Saying you can get all these benefits if you’re elderly,” she said.

"It's annoying when you receive all those phone calls,” Corinne Bernier added.

Herring added his signature to a list of more than 50 other attorney generals demanding U.S. senators take action. They want a federal law requiring phone companies to verify callers are legitimate and block unwanted calls. They’re calling for guidelines to hold telemarketers and robocallers accountable.

Herring says this is important since scammers are using more sophisticated technology to hide their identity.

“Our laws must keep up,” Herring said.

He wants state and federal law enforcement to work with phone companies to make it happen.

West Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. have joined Virginia in calling for this federal law.

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