Study finds those who use vacation days live longer than those who don’t

Taking a vacation helps you live longer

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT/WXIX) - Many of us are trying to eat better and work out more in hopes of living longer.

New research shows there’s a simple way to boost your odds of living longer -- use up those vacation days!

A new study from the European Society of Cardiology tracked more than 1,200 men over 40 years.

They found men who didn’t use up all of their vacation time from work had a 37% greater chance of dying, compared to those who did.

The cardiologists say people who take less time off work more and sleep less, which boosts their stress levels and hurts cardiac health.

A separate study from Allianz Global Assistance finds Americans who didn't take vacation were nearly two times more likely to show signs of moderate depression.

More than half of American workers have unused vacation days at the end of the year, with workers forfeiting $212 million paid days off in 2017.

That's more than $62 billion in lost benefits!

Some of that is likely due to the fact that some people worry a vacation will hurt their standing at work, or maybe they can’t afford a big trip.

But there’s a lot to be said for a staycation that’s heavy on rest and relaxation.

Using the vacation days you’ve earned is actually good for you. And happy, healthy workers are more productive, too.

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