Neighbors frustrated over lack of bagged leaf collection

Neighbors frustrated over lack of bagged leaf collection

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - After months of not having her bagged leaves collected, a Henrico homeowner has been left frustrated.

Henrico County’s Public Utilities Department has a program where crews will pick your leaves up for free as long as you bag them.

According to the County website, curbside bagged leaf pickup began Nov. 12, 2018 and ran through Feb. 17, but one homeowner said her bags never got picked up.

“Every time I call, they seem to tell me ‘we’re going to take care of it’ and that’s what’s frustrating,” said Jane Farrow, of Henrico. “I have to keep calling and I still get the same run around.”

Farrow said she bagged her leaves back in December using her lawn mower to get the job done.

"It took hours... it's just never ending," she said.

Having taken part in the bagged leaf pickup program in the past she thought all would be fine this year, but it wasn't.

"My neighbors have tried to park and you end up blocking the mailboxes,” Farrow said. “I've had other cars pull up alongside here."

Farrow claims she called public utilities at least four times since December. An official in the department stated Tuesday afternoon they don't have any reported calls from her about her concerns.

However, Farrow isn’t the only homeowner who has dozens of bagged leaves sitting in the front yard for months.

“It’s been an issue,” said another homeowner.

Henrico County Public Utilities sent a crew to the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon to collect the bags.

While the collection schedule technically ended Feb. 17, an official in the department said anyone who still has bagged leaves should call (804) 727-8770.

According to the County, the weather in December into January set crews behind schedule in picking up the bagged leaves.

Farrow wants to make sure they're cleaned up ahead of any springtime rain this area may see in a few weeks.

"It's a concern for me, all those leaves going down the drains, clogging up the drains," she said.

Henrico County Public Works has a vacuum leaf collection program as well.

The second session for this collection is underway now but only runs until March 29. There is also a fee associated with this program.

For more details on the vacuum collection call (804) 501-4275, or click here.

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