Chesterfield residents recall memories of September tornado

Chesterfield residents recall memories of September tornado

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - September 17, 2018, is a day many people in Chesterfield will never forget.

The recent tornado outbreak in Alabama and Georgia sparked many memories of Virginia’s outbreak this past September.

The storm tipped off roofs, tore down trees and overturned vehicles as the twisters caused widespread damage all over Central Virginia. A tornado in Chesterfield left one man dead and many people shook.

“It was terrifying,” Jordan Crowder said.

The news of the deadly Alabama tornado outbreak hit close to home for many, including Anna’s Pizza Waitress Jordan Crowder who was inside the business on that September day.

“We came in here and it was pouring rain. It was pitch black outside. It was dark and eerie,” Crowder said.

Crowder said she had just gotten to work when the storm hit.

“We were sitting at the bar listening to the TV and it said there was a tornado near Hull Street and Genito, and we didn’t think that it would be us,” Crowder said.

A customer ran in to tell everyone inside the tornado wasn’t just in the area but heading right towards the building.

“After the building stopped shaking, we walked outside into the parking lot and you could see the tornado just going through the parking lot and ripping the roof off of Dominion,” Crowder said.

The tornado’s path left a trail of devastation.

“We had a lot of water damage and we lost power. There was a gas leak at the end of the shopping center, so we had to evacuate,” Crowder said.

As cleanup is underway across much of the southeast, Jordan says she knows the pain and fear all too well.

“I know how scary it is. It is something that makes you want to spend time with your family. It makes you realize how happy you are and how lucky you are to have them around you,” Crowder said.

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