Virginia man uses CPR to save hanging dog

Virginia man uses CPR to save hanging dog
The dog was seen in a video hanging from a chain in Lynchburg.

LYNCHBURG, VA (WDBJ) - A Lynchburg resident is facing animal cruelty charges after a video went viral that showed a dog in distress.

A couple called authorities after they saw a dog hanging in the front yard on Saturday on Carnell Lane.

“My wife stood up and she said, oh there’s a dog hanging in the front yard of our house ... I rushed out there, got it down, and I thought it was gone, lifeless, then it took a breath and I was like okay there’s still some fight in it and that’s when I started doing CPR. Luckily got the dog to breathe on it’s own,” said Travis Thacker.

GRAPHIC WARNING: The photos and video in the post below may be difficult to watch.

This is what happens when u live by a peice of crap! She came out and yelled at us and called us names for helping save...

Posted by Anna Thacker on Saturday, March 2, 2019

“We actually had a chance to get concrete proof that there is animal abuse here, that she does not actually care for her animals in the way that she said she does or she should,” said Anna Thacker, who filmed the dog in distress.

Skylar Dolan, who lives in the house where the dog was seen hanging, thinks otherwise.

“They stay fed, they stay taken care of, we give them their shots,” Dolan said.

And she says the video does not fairly portray the dog’s owner.

“It just blew my mind how somebody could like make somebody look so bad when it’s not nearly that bad because Emily, honestly, she’s such a caring person, she would not hurt dogs, she wouldn’t," Dolan said.

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