Chesterfield Animal Services exchanges animals for frozen burritos

Officer rescues dog with lasso, burrito

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Today’s adoption event at Chesterfield Animal Services found “fur-ever” homes for many dogs, all for the price of a frozen burrito.

The idea came after a Chesterfield officer displayed some unique skills when rescuing a stray dog last month.

On the list of things animal control normally uses to round up stray dogs and cats, lasso and burrito is probably not on the list.

Fortunately, that’s all that Sergeant James Kuzik with Chesterfield police needed last month.

“I [was] just attending a first responders’ breakfast, where I was able to get a wonderful burrito," he said. "On my way to the office to enjoy that burrito, I noticed a dog on Robius Road in distress. I tried to entice the dog and encourage the dog that I was his friend, so I offered my burrito.”

While the dog was distracted, another person pulled up offering assistance to Sgt. Kuzik.

“I made an off-the-wall comment: ‘I wish I had a lasso to rope the dog.' Go figure, the community member actually had a lasso!" he said.

All throughout Saturday, people have come in donating frozen burritos in exchange for animals at the shelter.

These frozen foods will later be given to the Chesterfield Food Bank.

“It’s great to support the shelter, and the food bank that everyone is bringing the burritos for. And for Sergeant Kuzik doing his due diligence," said Caitlin Vikmanis.

Vikmanis came down for the event looking to bring home a dog.

Today alone, she and her boyfriend spent time with almost a dozen of them.

Animal Services says their goal was to at least adopt-out 10 animals.

“It’s very heartwarming, it shows the community pulling together for a great cause. Not only to adopt animals, but to bring food to the needy," said Carrie Jones, the manager of Chesterfield Animal Services.

Sgt. Kuzik is hoping that this becomes an annual event, but he said he never though that his lasso skills would come in handy, nor that a typical day on the job would evolve into a day of giving back.

“Was not looking for any recognition, just wanted to do my service and protect the community and its animals," he said.

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