Embezzlement charge against Chesterfield NAACP president dismissed

Local NAACP President accused of embezzling

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - An embezzlement charge against Chesterfield NAACP President L.J. McCoy has been dismissed.

McCoy was originally charged with embezzlement, accused of stealing money from the organization in February.

According to a criminal complaint filed by a member of the Chesterfield NAACP leadership against McCoy:

“For at least the last two years, Mr. McCoy and his girlfriend have made illegal and unauthorized transactions from the branch’s bank account. These transactions included paying for dinners at local restaurants and unauthorized cash withdrawals. Mr. McCoy and his girlfriend also have an unauthorized debit card. At this time we have proof in bank statements that the current amount stolen is above $250. That amount may rise pending an investigation.”

McCoy has been president of the Chesterfield branch for the last decade.

The Chesterfield County Police Department investigated the allegations with the assistance of a special prosecutor.

Chesterfield police say the investigation determined that no crime was committed.

The charge against McCoy has been dropped.

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