Hampden-Sydney College student dies in fiery crash; 3 others injured

Hampden-Sydney student dies in fiery crash

FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - A college student died in a crash overnight, after the car went off the road and burst into flames.

Chief L.W. Gillam with the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department said crews responded to a single-vehicle accident just around 12:42 a.m. Friday.

The crash happened along Abilene road near Darlington Heights road just a mile from the Hampden-Sydney College campus.

Gillam said the car, which was carrying four HS-C student,s somehow swerved off the road and smashed into a tree where the car went up in flames. Three of the students were pulled from the car but the fourth, a passenger, died before fire crews could get to him.

The three individuals were transported to a hospital in Richmond for treatment. At last check, two are in critical condition, and one is stable.

“It’s not something that you want to run into all the time, but it’s a part of the job,” said Gillam.

Gillam says this accident hits close to home because many of the volunteer firefighters knew the individual who died, as well as the other involved in the crash.

“We all are affected by certain calls we run, we’re all human,” said Gillam. “It’s never nice to see your friend and people you know.”

Many at Hampden-Sydney College are still struggling with the loss of one its students.

While Virginia State Police are still investigating the exact cause of the crash, Gillam advises that all drivers take caution when driving down these skinny Farmville back roads.

“I suggest that everyone drive slow especially with inclement weather. As much rain as we’ve had all the roads are treacherous,” said Gillam.

Officials with the school tell us counselors will be made available to any student who needs one.

“We just like to wish all the family members and all the students our thoughts and prayers," said Gillam “For everybody it’s a tough time.”

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