Help on the way for Vietnam veteran in need of car

Viewers help disabled vet in need of car

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After reaching out for help getting a car, Donnell Evans is on his way to having the transportation he desperately needs.

Two days after his story first aired, Evans is working out the details with a nonprofit group that will help him get back behind the wheel.

Evans said he’s on pins and needles waiting for the result. The car he will be receiving isn’t new - in fact, it’s a 2005 Kia Sorrento with 103,000 miles on it - but it’s better than relying on others to take the veteran to his many doctors appointments. And it will come with some additional perks.

"Just to get a vehicle to get around - 4 wheels beat 2 heels,” Evans said.

Evans, who lives in Sandston, has been relying on specialized care transportation, and in some cases, friends. But, he says that’s not working out well. He has so many appointments and says it is imperative he gets to them on time.

The Vietnam War veteran is “73 years young” as he likes to say and is a glass half-full kind of guy, despite many serious health conditions, including PTSD.

Disabled vet in need of car calls for help

“I have a brain tumor. I have prostate cancer. I’m asthmatic and I have high blood pressure," Evans said. "With all that, I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve always been very independent and I hate being in this situation. It hinders me from meeting all my medical appointments, going to the store, the barber shop, church.”

Evans had a 2002 Acura he bought for $1,000 and got about six months of service out of it before it stopped running.

That car may be gone now, but Evans is still making payments on a loan against his insurance policy.

“I have no money to save up to buy a vehicle. I’m not looking for a Rolls-Royce, As long as it can get me from Point A to Point B, I’m a happy camper," Evans said. "I’m stuck in this apartment. I mean, I’m doing well pretty much health-wise. I’m doing well with PTSD, but sitting in this apartment it means a lot to be able to get out and move around.”

Evans said he has called every organization he can think of for help getting a used car.

“It’s really something that would mean the world to me," Evans said. "It would be like hitting the lottery to me, just to get a vehicle to get around.”

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