Car jumps curb, destroys wheelchair ramp

Updated: Feb. 21, 2019 at 2:31 PM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - People on Woodhaven Drive say they’ve seen their fair share of speeding cars lose control, but one incident has one woman’s yard looking like a

scene from a movie.

Leona Baylor says a car crashed into her front steps, but not before crashing through her neighbor’s wheelchair ramp and hitting her husband’s wheelchair ramp and her car.

“I heard a big ‘bam’ ... ‘boom,’” Kevan Blakey said.

He was jolted awake to find the chaos unfolding in his front yard, which left his father’s wheelchair ramp split in two, as debris litter his and Baylor’s front yards.

Baylor says she watched the driver flee on foot towards the back of her house.

“I’m surprised whoever it is was able to get up and run way from that," Kassia Pettaway said.

Pettaway lives across the street and was coming back home Tuesday night when she drove upon the scene. She said it’s not the first time cars have jumped the curb in that area.

“A couple years ago, a car hit the ditch right, ran straight over, and ended up upside down over in our driveway," Pettaway said.

Blakey said nobody was hurt, but the damage is still creating problems for his wheelchair-bound father.

“He’s been stuck up in the house since this happened," Blakey said. “That’s his only way out."

That’s when a Richmond-area non-profit stepped into help.

Volunteers at Project Homes work on more than 120 handicap ramps each year; when they saw Blakey’s story, they realized they actually installed the ramp in front of the home in 2014. It took just a few hours for the ramp to be fixed.

“At the end of the day when you see the client come down the stairs, that’s the most gratifying part,” said Brad Burnum, Project Homes.

As for the second handicap ramp next door, it is still a mangled mess. Another organization, RAMPS RVA, is looking to help replace it yet, but can’t because the front stoop has been moved about six inches from the house. The homeowner needs to replace the stoop before the organization can replace the ramp.

Baylor said she has been in contact with police, and that they are searching for the suspect.

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