Bikers and drivers: Don’t forget the three-foot rule

Share the Road

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We don’t have to tell you - there’s a huge bicycling community in Central Virginia. But would you believe there were 631 accidents involving cars and bicycles in Virginia in 2018?

The weather is warming up, which means more cyclists on the road.

The city has even made adjustments to keep cyclists safe with floating parking. And after much debate, the Brooke Road bike lanes have been approved.

Just this week, the Virginia DMV sent out a tweet reminding motorists and cyclers to #ShareTheRoad.

The tweet says you are required by law to maintain at least 3 feet of distance when passing a bicyclist. Doing so could have prevented the 13 deaths from bicycle involved car accidents in 2018.

“It’s more about staying away from cars. Especially fast moving cars,” Phil Riggan said.

Riggan rides his bike to work almost every day. He says many motorists don’t realize the three feet rule applies to the width between the end of the handle bars.

“If I feel like I can reach out and touch their mirror, that’s too close,” Riggan said.

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