Petersburg landlords challenge tenant’s complaint of plumbing issues, eviction

Landlord responds to tenants allegations

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Two Petersburg landlords are speaking out after their tenant accused them of ignoring her plumbing requests and being evicted.

Harold Beasley said he spent more than four hours this past weekend repairing the toilet that their tenant, Stacey Dubose, says was backing up into the tub at the home she’s renting. He showed pictures on his cell phone of the repair and says, “I had to pull the toilet up. There was nothing wrong with the plumbing. The sewage was backed up because of the sanitary napkins, wipes she was flushing down the toilet.”


He and his wife, Patricia, believe the tenant may have caused the plumbing problem herself, and in addition they say Dubose never told them about it.

“Believe me. I would have responded instantly. The same for my wife. Who allows a lady’s bathtub to back up with feces and urine? Who does that? You think I want somebody to live like that?” Harold Beasley said.

He says Dubose reported them to code enforcement back in December about issues unrelated to plumbing. Those items were repaired and the inspector gave his OK. They say even the inspector had no knowledge of any ongoing plumbing complaint.

Regarding the rent dispute, the Beasleys say she owes them about $1,150 in unpaid rent, late fees and security deposit, but Dubose says she’s current.

The landlords say they were trying to help her, while Dubose says the Beasleys asked for her lease back. She claims they altered her lease to change her move in date to something different than the date she moved in. The landlords say Dubose had the only copy of the lease and they asked for it back not to change it, but to get her water turned on.

“To let that go unchallenged, it’s not me. I did something I considered to be nice to waive a person’s security deposit because they didn’t have enough money. I made it work for her. She went to get her water turned on. She didn’t have money to pay. My wife paid for it out of her pocket. You fell behind on your rent, and I had to do what the law says. Just a bunch of lies. I don’t mind exposing her, if you did that to a person who tried to help you. You need to be exposed, and I do feel vindicated because you allowed us to explain it and bring some clarity to it,” Harold Beasley said.

Dubose says the landlords are not telling the truth and she is standing by her story.

Both sides will appear in court in March.

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