Coyotes seen in downtown Charlottesville

Coyotes seen in downtown Charlottesville
A coyote. (Source: Pixabay)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WCAV) - Residents of downtown Charlottesville have been reporting multiple sightings of coyotes recently.

Katie Hartwell lives in Charlottesville and says she saw a coyote near High Street and Altamont Circle on Saturday morning.

She was unable to get video of the animal but describes it as definitely not looking domesticated.

Hartwell says it frightened two runners enough that they immediately ran into a house.

"The city or the police department should be able to notify residents," she said.

A lot of people walk small dogs, have outdoor cats and small children playing around the area.

"Even these runners, they were obviously fearful for their lives, ran into a residence without even knocking on the door," said Hartwell.

The Charlottesville Police Department is aware of the coyote sightings. On Friday, it received one report from a man saying he saw a possible coyote.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says coyote sightings in cities are now not as rare as you may have thought.

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