Virginia tax refund checks are in the mail - so don’t throw them out

Virginia tax refund checks are in the mail - so don’t throw them out
Check your mailbox! (Source: Virginia Department of Taxation - Facebook)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you get an envelope in the mail from the Virginia Department of Taxation - don’t throw it out! $110 tax refund checks are currently in the mail and some people have already received their refund check.

Qualifying individual filers will receive $110 from the Commonwealth and married couples will receive $220.

“If you owed Virginia income tax in 2018, and didn’t take any credits (or the credits you took don’t zero out your tax liability), you will be eligible for part or all of the 2019 Virginia Tax Relief Refund – up to $110 for individual filers and up to $220 for a married couple filing jointly. However, you may not receive your Virginia Tax Relief Refund if you have an offset claim,” Virginia Tax said on its website.

Virginia’s Department of the Treasury has already began mailing refunds and expects to have them all sent by Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The House of Delegates and Virginia Senate are sent identical bills to the governor that provided $420 million in tax rebates and was signed by Gov. Ralph Northam.

State law requires those people to take the standard deduction on their state return as well, but Republicans say that means those individuals will pay too much in state taxes because Virginia’s tax code did not keep the state’s standard deduction compatible with the federal one.

The bill essentially corrects that overpayment by providing an additional refund. It also corrects the standard deduction disparity by raising the state deduction by 50 percent - to $4,500 for individuals and $9,000 for a couple - starting with the 2019 tax year.

Both the House and Senate bills were approved as “emergency” legislation and will take effect immediately upon being signed.

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